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Senta Berger

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For cinema-lovers, here’s a small collection of photos of the wonderful actress Senta Berger.


A quiet moment from Major Dundee

A quiet moment from Major Dundee


On the beach

On the beach


Lucky pillow...

Lucky pillow…


She's relaxed... the viewer's heart is racing!

She’s relaxed… the viewer’s heart is racing!


Bath-time voyeur

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Caption competition…

“Do you mind if I scrub your back for you?




Weekend pick-me-up

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Erotic Fine Art: shed2602

Isn’t this just beautiful?

The Hairdresser’s Husband

Beautiful, erotic, moving. The Hairdresser’s Husband.

Definitely one for my thinking person’s erotic film club.

The Key to an erotic tale

Here’s the trailer for Tinto Brass’ erotic classic ‘La Chiave’ (The Key) – made a classic by the performance of Stefania Sandrelli, as described here previously.

Odyssey of Desire… revisited

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My novel ODYSSEY OF DESIRE was a big hit in paperback.

It was my first with brush with publishing and I’ll always remember seeing it for sale for the first time. It was in Manchester Airport, England. It was the kind of saucy novel that sold well to travellers.

Anyway, the reason I’m taking this trip down memory lane is because the orgy scene about 68 minutes in on this film rather reminded me of something I concocted for ODYSSEY.

Enjoy. Don’t watch the whole film. Just fast forward!

The Joys of Play Time

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Back in the early 1990s the erotic drama/thriller market was huge thanks to high street video chains.

Most of these films featured drab sax scores pounding laboriously over boringly obvious fake sex scenes.

But in 1994 a flick came out which raised eyebrows – and a lot more besides.

Play Time

Play Time

The impact that ‘PLAY TIME’ was to have came not only because it was ten times steamier than any of the Shannon Whirry and Shannon Tweed stuff that was out at the time, but because it delivered on psychological levels that most American softcore failed to reach.

And, yes, then there was that scene. If you’ve seen it then you’ll know the one I’m talking about: the scene where Monique Parent and the glorious Jennifer Burton reached into their bikini bottoms and gave themselves a five-finger rubdown. Yes, that scene.

Jennifer Burton

Jennifer Burton

But let me step back to the psychological stuff for a sec. Now I don’t want to get too analytical here, but there was just something about this movie that gets into your mind and probes some hidden places. Maybe it was the girl/girl seductions, maybe it was the partner swapping, maybe it was Brad’s teenage experiences with his sexy step-mom, or maybe it was just the voyeuristic kinkiness of it all.

There just seems to be a lot of fantasy elements that pop up in this film and it helps to make it a powerful piece of softcore. 

By the way, the pseudo-sex is very well done, and in an interview once (so we’ve heard) Monique admitted that the masturbation scene with her and Jennifer was real. No matter. You will believe it when you see it.


And with some fine acting and a story that keeps the film moving from scene to scene without losing the viewer along the way, it’s probably one of the few true softcore “classics” out there. So many themes pop up it’s hard to write about them all, but if you see this movie you will enjoy it. Trust me.

With a virtual “who’s who” of the softcore genre for a cast, including Monique Parent, Jennifer Burton, Julie Strain, Tammy Parks, and Ashlie Rhey, this one is an enjoyable viewing experience for any softcore fan.

… Now, here’s a bit extra on this post for the impatient among you.

THERE are at least three scenes in the sizzling hot Play Time in which Jennifer Burton and Monique Parent masturbate together.

Burton is super-sexy, one of the hottest things in soft core erotic films.

She gives an astonishing performance here: her eyes light up in every saucy scene. No way can she be that good an actress: she loves her job!

The first scene she is together with Parent, they are in a swimming pool topless when the pool man arrives. They skip inside to hide. They can see this muscleman at work but he cannot see in. They decide to go in separate rooms to masturbate but then change their minds and stay together.


Parent sits in the sofa and Jennifer stands at the window with her fingers in her bikini bottoms. Both leave their bikini bottoms on.

They stare each other as they wank. Burton talks dirty and Parent gasps sexily. Jennifer kneels beside her as they both come.

Later they are in an office and they kiss. They undress each other, but again leave their knickers on. They masturbate facing each other and kissing sexily.

There is also a scene where they are both in a jacuzzi with a man meant to be Jennifer’s husband. Jennifer makes Monique hold his penis and then Jennifer gets on him. She kisses Monique as she makes love to him.

All three are totally naked.

Apart from the masturbation and lesbian scenes there are plenty of other sex scenes to enjoy, and the movie starts with Burton getting shagged and having a  guy stick his face in her gorgeous arse as Parent, unable to sleep next door, slips her hand in her knickers as she listens to Burton and her man.